Monday, 29 March 2010

Little E's Tudor Day

Little E is looking less than thrilled in this photo at being dressed up as a Tudor lady for her school outing to Cressing Temple Barns. Maybe it's because we said she looked like Anne Boleyn ("off with her head")! She was actually very excited and had a fantastic day with her classmates learning all about the Tudor way of life.

Louie's home!

Yes, our furry boy is finally home from the AHT in Newmarket although we are under strict instructions to keep him in one room and not to disturb him or play with him except to feed him. They are very concerned there is still a chance that all their good work could be undone if he gets too excited or exerts himself too much, hence his "isolation"'s very hard though, as he meows and scratches at the door almost constantly. I don't know if we can hold out for a whole week...then he's back to the AHT next Saturday for a check-up. He seems to be relatively happy in himself though but we can't wait to be able to give him lots of TLC and snuggles.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Traumas of recent weeks!

I've been somewhat slack at keeping up my blog these last few weeks. Firstly a hideously debilitating round of the Norovirus struck us all down. Then, last Tuesday, Louie was diagnosed with a hole in his eyeball (ewww!) and taken into The Animal Health Trust hospital in Newmarket where he remains. He has now had three operations on his eye to try to repair the hole including a skin graft where they took some of his eyelid skin and grafted it across the hole. He had some more stitches yesterday. We haven't been able to visit Lou-boy as the hospital is afraid he would get too excited and pull the stitches out. It's very weird, being cat-less; our house feels empty and just not right. We are hoping to be able to bring him home sometime this weekend, and can't wait to give him lots of snuggling and treats. The AHT has given Lou-boy the very best care possible and we are eternally grateful to them for working so hard to save his eye. Here's a link to their website:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Next Project - turning an old piano stool into a footstool

I found this lovely photo of a footstool on the net which has inspired me to try and make something similar. A friend recently gave us an old piano stool which would otherwise have gone to the tip, so I'm working out how to cut it down and re-upholster it to make something similar. Currently hunting out some nice fabric in shades of duck egg blue, eau de nil, cream etc. I'll show you how I get on!

Little E's Tudor House

Little E's half-term history homework project was to make a model of a Tudor house. So we set to work with shoe boxes, paint and cardboard and came up with this. What's nice is that the lid still comes off the top section so, if she feels like it, little E can make some furniture and Tudor people at a later date.