Sunday, 31 January 2010

It's in the can

I loved the design on this soup can so much I couldn't bring myself to send it to recycling. I'm still not sure what to do with it though so, at the moment, I've filled it with crayons. Maybe I'll plant up some herbs in it in the spring. Soup cans huh? Guess Mr. Warhol isn't the only person to have been inspired.........

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Marmite - Do you? Don't you?

Well in our house we absolutely DO !! The Boy introduced me to the wonders of hot toast slathered in butter topped with marmite followed by crunchy peanut butter....oh my goodness....nosebag heaven!! And how fab is this special Valentines jar, with an added touch of champagne? I am already starting to feel that loved-up glow in anticipation of Feb 14th, so will be scouring the shops for a jar this weekend.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

This week's Little piece of Lovely

Well I did promise you some more gorgeous things with a Valentine theme, so I simply had to share with you this stunning limited edition laser-cut that I spotted at Ryantown on the Columbia Road - I haven't found a website but here is their blog: Their shop is a treasure trove of loveliness.

Little M running for Colchester Harriers 24.01.10

Little M ran cross-country for Colchester Harriers last Sunday at Martlesham in the 53:12 inter-club 1.5k race. She ran a fantastic race, coming in 36th overall, which was a brilliant result as it was the under 14's and she is still only 11 (note the comparison between M (in green) and the huge boy in blue next to her!). It's not easy getting up at 7.30 on a Sunday, but it was a lovely crisp, clear morning, we had a good walk and M was very pleased with her result, coming in two places ahead of her last race so onwards and upwards and WELL DONE M!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Student short film - "Barricade"

Today the girls did some acting as "extras" in a short film being made by Ben Harley and two of his co-students. They filmed a bunch of children playing on a small green in Tollesbury for the opening scene of their film " Barricade". The students are in the final year of their film making degree at Colchester Institute. The rain held off and all the children had a great time playing together for an hour while the guys filmed. They were very pleased with the results and we are now looking forward to seeing the completed film later in the year when it is due to have a number of screenings including in Colchester, Chelmsford and Soho. Thanks to Ben and the guys for putting the children at ease and for organising a delicious lunch.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A little piece of lovely

This week's little piece of lovely is this Scandinavian birchwood/laminate tray, available from Caroline McGrath ( Loving that cute hairy chest! Something else to add to my ever-growing wish list. A perfect Valentine's gift - and I will be sharing a few more Valentine's day gift ideas with you nearer the time, so watch this space....

Monday, 18 January 2010

Little E's Bird Feeders

Despite a horrid cold and a very sore nose, Little E made these lovely bird feeders from apples covered in peanut butter and rolled in wild bird seed (a big thank you to 'My Tiny Plot' for the idea!). If the squirrels don't get there first, I hope the birdies will enjoy these!

Fish & Chips and beachcombing fun at Aldeburgh

There was only one thing to do with yesterday's sunshine and blue skies - head east to Aldeburgh for fish and chips and a bracing walk along the beach. The recent rough seas had churned up some interesting flotsam and jetsam, including lots of cuttle fish bones and some nice pieces of driftwood. I will hang some cuttle fish in the garden to see if the wild birds like it - I remember from childhood having a budgie who liked to nibble it. I also have a vague recollection of using cuttle fish for a school art project, as a mould for something perhaps? Although I might be imagining it! The driftwood will come in useful for my next craft project - a large driftwood heart - for the kitchen perhaps. The Littles had lots of fun playing beach cricket with driftwood bats and stones, then on to Thorpeness for steaming mugs of hot chocolate..mmmmm

Little M's "God" puppet......

Little M had to make a hand puppet of God for her R.S. homework, so we found a bit of furry fabric left over from another project, a wooden spoon for the head and a 50p ball of charity shop wool for his hair and beard. Isn't he smashing? (Even though he looks more like Demis Roussos!)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Being Human to include Anomalies music

It's just been confirmed that the rather wonderful hip hop/indie band The Anomalies will have their track 'Employee of the Month' included in Episode 3 of the new series of Being Human, to be screened on Sunday, 24th January on BBC3. Admittedly I am a little biased as The Anomalies are managed by The Boy, but Being Human is my absolute favourite TV series so understandably we are very excited. A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf share a house in Bristol - what's not to love?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hello everyone,

I wanted to start the new year in a positive way and have been meaning to set up a blog for ages, goes! I am hoping this will be a fun place to visit for my current (and future) friends. I plan to include things that I hope will make you smile. My blog will have a leaning towards the arts - music, film, literature, art and creativity, plus stuff about gardening, cooking, family and interesting finds and general stuff I come across which I hope you will like. No rules really except no moaning allowed! Plus links to cool blogs and sites I think you will enjoy too. "Bee's Lovely Buns" is what I hope to one day call my little tea room/shop of vintage stuff, artworks, jewellery etc, so please don't pinch the name otherwise I shall have to come round and put a bat up your nightdress/down your PJ's.

So, a little bit about me - I am happily married to my bloke, who I will call "The Boy" - not to be confused with our Burmese cat - Louie (AKA Lou Boy, The Beast, Fu-Man-Lou), and we are blessed with two angelic daughters, little M (11) and little E (9).

Me and The Boy met and fell in love over our mutual appreciation of music and, in particular, worship of a certain Mr. Bowie. The Boy is a guitarist and I did a bit of singing and we have been in bands and gigged a lot during the 90's. Now The Boy teaches guitar and manages a band (about which you will be able to read here).

Stuff I love:
Kate Bush (our national treasure)
Cornwall (for re-charging the batteries and soothing the soul)
Vintage VW Campervans (one day, you will be mine)
Growing my own veg (novice)
Beach combing and making things out of my beach-combed finds
Baking (especially cakes and desserts)
Vintage and hand-made stuff

I have started 2010 with a bunch of - not exactly resolutions, as those are just asking to be broken - but more I guess "hopes to achieve"....including:

Setting up my own blog (yay!! 1 to tick off the list)
Not moaning so much (I promise to try hard)
Writing the book that's been swimming around in my head for more years than I care to remember
Finishing off the house renovations (yeah, right -old houses are never finished...)
Using my free time more creatively and purposefully
Doing some yoga or Pilates
Joining a choir

I can't wait to hear from you all and look forward to sharing some fun times.
Bee xx